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the software development platform SOLID

the software development platform

The evolutional embedded software development platform
integrated with RTOS and advanced LLVM/Clang compiler.

Debugging assistant tools
(e.g. intelligence loader)
Middleware (TCP/IP stack, Filesystem),
device drivers

Arm® Device


IDE (Visual Studio® base)
LLVM/Clang compiler
Debugger, OS monitor

Windows® PC


TOPPERS/ASP3 is one of the RTOS which is widely adopted as uITRON specification compatible. TOPPERS/ASP3 also open source & license/royalty free. SOLID-OS not only includes RTOS Kernel, also original memory management system and intelligent object loader with it.

LLVM/Clang compiler

LLVM/Clang compiler is advanced open source compiler that basic architecture is used in commercial compilers.


SOLID-IDE bases on Visual Studio Shell framework and includes editor, compiler, linkage-editor and debugger components. Widely used KMC’s original GCC compiler “exeGCC” and LLVM/Clang compiler are composed of IDE.


Debugger is a component of IDE, and it provides source code debugging and SOLID original debug functions. KMC’s JTAG emulator “PARTNER-Jet2” and the customized online debug monitor can be used as back-end debugger.

Address sanitizerThe first appearance of embedded debugging tool.

Target program with a BUG.

static unsigned short bugarray[10];
void root_task(intptr_t exinf)
int i, x = 0;
ER ercd;
char buf[10];
// Stack Out bound access code
for (i = 0; i <= 10; i++) {
buf[i] = i;
// .bss Out bound access code
for (i = 0; i < 11;i++) {
bugarray[i] = 0x1111*i;

When i=10, the write operation has happen to memory over the array size 10.

Illegally accessed memory is highlighted.Illegally accessed memory is highlighted.

Illegal memory access code is highlighted.Illegal memory access code is highlighted.

You can use address sanitizer with very simple operation. Only build and go in address sanitizer mode. You do not need to set any breakpoints by yourself. SOLID-IDE and SOLID-OS co-operate and detect the illegal memory access automatically.

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